Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are always looking for a decent and affordable office. However, property prices are very high in Singapore, and office rental cost is the biggest issue for startups.

Businesses looking to downsize office space can actually consider self-storage spaces for inventory and paperwork. Did you know? Self-storage spaces, unlike some offices, are accessible 24/7!

Here are 5 reasons why you should make the switch.

Reduce operating and overhead cost.

Renting a self-storage is more affordable than renting a big office space. Now, time for some cost comparison.

Office Location 1month cost Size (Sqft) Cost p/sqft
1 month
Self-storage Cost
(Per month)
Self-storage Size
Available Space
Tanjong Pagar Road $7,663 1703 $4 $1,290 450 2153 $8,953
Collyer Quay $13,786 2121 $6 2121 $13,786
Total costing savings a month $4,833

* Property price from

In order for your business to maintain a healthy cash flow, you’re constantly looking for ways to lower operating and overhead cost. By storing with a self-storage facility, you can now enjoy the option of working from home or even at a co-working space; you no longer need a big space to store inventory and work at the same time.

Find peace of mind with a secured facility

Consider storing with a storage facility that offers security features such as 24-hour CCTV surveillance and PIN code access to your storage unit.

Extra Space Asia’s storage lock mechanism provides customers with a unique pin-code to enter the storage facility. As for the individual storage unit, customers can use their own padlock to ensure that only they have access to their storage unit.

Free from long-term commitment.

Most warehouses and offices are tied to long-term contracts, usually with a minimum of tenancy of one year. However, with a more flexible solution, self-storage tenancy periods can go from as short as 14 days to as long as you need – that makes it so much easier for planning and managing costs.

Enjoy freedom to upsize or downsize units

Self-storage provides a quick and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes. Storage units ranging from 16 square feet to 450 square feet are available at Extra Space Asia, including the freedom to upsize or downsize your storage unit at any time. This can well allow you to adjust to your needs based on seasonal demand of your business. Remember, you should only pay for what you need! To make things much easier, you can use the online size estimator tool to estimate the storage size you require.

Access anytime you need to!

When you store at a warehouse, you might not be able to access inventory all the time: location of the warehouse might be too inaccessible. Some warehouses might also have strict hours where you can access your inventory.

This is where self-storage truly stands out. Our facility allows you to access your storage unit 24/7. No more worries about goods arriving during the odd hours too.

More SMEs are turning to self-storage for cost-effectiveness and practical solutions. What about your business? Time to explore your options with Extra Space Asia Self-Storage to fulfil your storage needs!

Hey, we know the process of moving into a new home can be daunting with all the planning and packing checklist. The list never ends, and it’s stressful even thinking about it.

Before the moving, there’s always the process of wondering:

1. Do we really need that item?
2. Where to do I keep that big photo frame passed down from my grandparents?
3. Is there enough space for the family’s personal items?

There are plenty of ways you can make the moving process a smooth one. One sure way is to use self-storage, an incredibly convenient service and solution to the questions above.

What is self-storage?

Self-storage companies provide highly secure, self-contained storage spaces to give individuals & families the flexibility to rent a space according to their needs. Storage spaces range from 16 square feet to 450 square feet and the rental period start from as short as fourteen days to as long as you need. You also have the freedom to upgrade or downsize your storage space at any time.

At Extra Space Asia, each storage space is equipped with a locking mechanism that integrates with a 24-hour security system, as well as a personal access code system for customers to access their items 24/7, all year round. Air-conditioned and dehumidified storage spaces are also available and the temperature is maintained between 23°C to 25°C.

How can self-storage help during your moving period

1) Extension of your living space

Having a self-storage unit is like owning more living space where you can store your personal items. The extra space can also come in handy for your furniture while you renovate your new home. In addition, It’s also a safe and secure place to keep your growing personal collection and memorabilia which you might not have space for in your new home. The best part of using a self-storage? Things will be kept in good condition, and accessibility is 24/7, which also means you can store and retrieve any time, any day!

2) Cost-effective alternative

Most self-storage facilities in Singapore allow you to start renting a storage unit for just $1 for the first month. You can also enjoy attractive recurring discounts if you’re storing for a longer period too. An effective solution versus storing at a warehouse where you might end up paying for space that is not utilized. With over 200 different sizes available in a self-storage space, you can be certain of taking up a storage space that best fits your needs. Most warehouse spaces do not allow 24/7, unsupervised access too. Now, you no longer have to throw precious belongings away due to lack of space, only to repurchase the same things when your new home is ready!

3) Flexible storage terms

Using a self-storage facility is an excellent option as it offers flexible storage terms. For storage rental period, you can choose to store from as short as two weeks to as long as you need. What’s more, you can rent a bigger storage unit should you require more storage space during the renovation period and choose to scale down to a smaller storage unit as you remove items. Perfect for your private collection or even business inventory!

Bottom line: Using a self-storage unit during the moving transition period will smoothen your moving process without you having to worry about your furniture getting dirty or whether you have enough space at home to keep all your personal belongings.