Think co-working spaces are for freelancers only? Think again!

According to a 2017 report (Source: Cushman & Wakefield), co-working spaces are also widely used by SME organisations, growing 10 – 15% per year across the Asia-Pacific region.

So what exactly is Executive Storage and how does it relate to co-working spaces? While both have their similarities, Executive Storage spaces offer you a shared workspace with the added feature of having a nearby storage unit.

Here are 3 top reasons why spaces like these are the future for entrepreneurs and all professionals alike!

Store, work and collaborate. All, in one space.

A survey conducted in 2016 showed that Singaporeans spent an average of 9 hours weekly commuting (Source: The Straits Time). Imagine how much more you can get done if you spent this time on your business.

One great feature of Executive Storage is that it reduces your need to travel to and from the warehouse to your office – both now literally steps away!

What’s more, sharing workspace with other business owners can put you on a fast track for more networking opportunities.

Flexible Business Solution

Did you know: With the Executive Storage, the use of workspace is FREE! All you need to do is rent a storage space, and you're good to start.

This option has proven to be one of the most affordable solutions; storage starts from $168 per month with sizes ranging from 11 sqft all the way up to 100 sqft. You can also take advantage of great storage period flexibility (starting from as short as 14 days).

Now, compare this deal to renting a private office space with a minimum contract period of 1 year. Imagine how much you’ll be saving in the long run with Executive Storage!


The globalisation of businesses means you now have to work within varying timezones with vendors, suppliers and even customers. Thanks to 24/7 accessibility to Executive Storage, you can be in your office working whenever best suits your business needs.

And there are more benefits to that: you'll no longer have the hassle of managing day-to-day administrative matters that come with a typical office space. Executive Storage handles everything from utility bills to facility management, so you can better devote all your attention to growing your business.

Rising cost of retail warehousing means more businesses in Singapore will be turning to self-storage as the go-to solution. Whether you need additional storage for your expanding business, or if you are looking to make more room in your office space, using self-storage will help increase your competitive edge.

Now, let’s look at 3 top benefits of business self-storage.


#1 – Affordability

With a forecast of a 6% growth in office rental (Source: Colliers International – Singapore), you will start to realise that it is increasingly more difficult to find additional cost-effective space for your business.

As discussed previously in 5 reasons why SMEs should use self-storage, renting a self-storage unit is more affordable than renting a big office space. Just take a look at Extra Space Asia’s Executive Storage below for a quick cost comparison.

Office Space Storage Space Cost Per Month Min Duration
Executive Storage $185 onwards 14 days
Office Rental x $680 onwards 1 year

Sources: Commercial Guru 

Our Executive Storage offers you both the office and storage space you need at an affordable rate! It is the perfect solution for small, dynamic business environments.


#2 – Make Extra Space


Every business will expand and eventually require more storage space. But what happens when warehouse rentals are so high, they become too big an expense for your business? What happens if when you decide to store inventories in your office?

Just imagine working side by side with unsightly clutter. Won’t you feel flustered? We would! By keeping unused items that take up too much space in a self-storage facility, you gain back your valuable space.


#3 – Relocating Business


Great news: Your business is expanding, and you are required to move into a bigger office. Here’s the not-so-good news: Moving is HECTIC…

Here’s a solution. Why not get everything out of the way first? Simply keep non-essential items into a self-storage unit. Decluttering lets you better tidy up your inventory.

To sum up, in one line, using self-storage helps lower overhead costs for your business. Are you ready to reap all these benefits and more with self-storage? Contact us today!



An ExtraSpaceCares initiative

The year-end festive period is a time of giving and sharing with those around us. In 2018, Extra Space Asia Self-Storage embarked on an effort to support a cause we believe in, to make a difference – to help others who are in need.

The “Reason to Smile” initiative was an effort aimed at giving back to society. In collaboration with The Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS), Extra Space Asia celebrated the festive season with our friends from MINDS.

In addition, through this meaningful collaboration, Extra Space Asia donated a total of $20,000 to MINDS where $50 was from every customer who signed up with us from 3 December 2018 to 31 December 2018. This fund will support MINDS towards their purposeful cause.

MINDS is one of the oldest and largest non-governmental welfare organizations catering to the needs of persons with intellectual disability (PWIDs) in Singapore. They provide a comprehensive range of services to best cater to the education, social, vocational and psychological needs for their clients with intellectual disabilities.

Here’s our first Extraspacecares initiative with our friends at MINDS-Eunos Training and Development Centre. Simple gestures can bring big smiles. Let’s all spend some time giving back and giving everyone more reasons to smile.



Many of us live in a HDB flat with really small bedrooms. But! There are also people who live in bigger houses who just want to downsize to a new HDB BTO. The choice of downsizing could also be due to other practical or personal reasons.

Regardless of why, once you start living in a smaller HDB flat, you’ll definitely have to do some space planning and compromises to your home décor to fit everything perfectly! There are, of course, some simple methods to make a small space look bigger! #lifehacks

Keep scrolling to find out 5 simple ways to make a small HDB BTO look more spacious.

1. Leaving empty spaces around

The first hack is really considering a suitable placement of furniture or big home décor pieces in your new home. #Didyouknow that you don’t have to place all of your items near the wall or squeeze them near to one another even though the space is small? Try setting your furniture at an angle with some surrounding space. This can quickly help create an illusion that you have a spacious home – a definitely must-try home décor hack if you have a small living room area.


2. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors. They can definitely help make spaces look much bigger as they reflect the illusion of depth. They are also able to reflect both natural and artificial light to make your home look brighter day and night.

For homeowners, there are many ways you can explore putting up a mirror in your home.  You can opt for a few small mirrors grouped together or a statement mirror that can give you the ‘oomph’ to your home and double up as a beautiful art piece too.

3. Explore the option of building floor to ceiling shelves

Consider having your home contractor install a floor to ceiling shelving if you're looking for ways to elevate your home. These shelving units will make the ceiling of your HDB flat look taller. Also, these shelves are also a great storage option for knick-knacks as well as the avid reader. Keep in mind not to over pack your shelves to its maximum load as it would clutter up your home. Try to leave some empty spaces for a cleaner effect.

If you’re looking for ways to organise your shelve further, consider purchasing small storage boxes and baskets. They can serve as small home décor pieces while neatly storing your items.

4. Choose light and soft colours for your home

Dark tones can make your home look beautiful and cozy. But they tend to absorb the natural light and make a space look much smaller?

Use light and soft colours like white, and you’ll make your living space look much bigger and brighter. Light colours will reflect light and make your living space feel more open. Paint your walls in soft colours such as light grey or soft pink, or other bright colours that go well with your colour palette and furniture at home.

Painting your home is definitely one of the fastest and most price-friendly ways as compared to a complete HDB renovation makeover!

5. Never stop decluttering.

Let’s be frank, when we live in a smaller HDB, there’s definitely lesser available space after placing all our furniture and home décor pieces. It’s key that we declutter our home once at least every three months. Decluttering every day is a chore, and nobody likes doing chores! However, step by step, little by little, we can maintain a neater look and truly enjoy a clutter-free living space.

Here’s how you can start: Plan to declutter room by room instead of just randomly selecting areas to work on. This way, you’ll be more organised as to where has been cleaned up. Next, donate items which you have not used for the past year. Because if you’ve forgotten about this item for one year, it means that you no longer need this item. You should also throw away stuff that is in bad condition.

Looking for extra space to keep your memorabilia or books which are just lying around at home?

Here’s another idea: Why not try Extra Space Asia’s E-Valet service – a hassle-free, end-to-end storage box storage solution if you don’t need to access these items frequently. The best part of using E-Valet is that you don’t have to carry your items physically! It's also an affordable storage solution that Extra Space Asia is offering at only $5 per box monthly. All you have to do is sign up online and request for the number of boxes you need to be delivered to you. And when you need to retrieve your storage boxes, you just have to put up a request online, and they'll deliver you the boxes. It’s that simple!

Try E-Valet today if you’re looking for more space at home.