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Can I access my unit during this period and is accessibility still 24/7?

There are no changes to the accessibility of your storage unit, and you are welcome to visit your storage anytime. However, for your safety and the safety of others, we request that you visit the facility alone and limit the duration of your visit in the facility to a maximum of 30 minutes and continue to practice safe-distancing.

Will the reception office be open?

Yes, our reception office will remain open from 9am to 6pm on Mondays to Fridays and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. The office will be closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.  

For your safety and that of our employees, we will be enforcing the following precautionary and safe-distancing measures at our reception offices: 

  • Temperature screening and travel/health declarations. 
  • Restricting the number of people in our reception offices, while implementing seating and standing arrangements that support safe-distancing. 

All visitors are required to declare if they have been issued any ‘Stay Home’ notices and/or are under any quarantine order by the Government. We reserve the right to turn away any visitors who are found to be in breach of above. 

Rent Payment Modes

I’m an existing customer. Can I make visit the facility reception to make payments for my storage unit?

Although you are still able to make payments at the reception, we strongly advise that you make payment via our website or AXS online. This will ensure that we minimise movement in accordance to the Circuit Breaker measures.


Is e-Valet service still available?

Yes, e-Valet is fully operational. 

Signing-up, Moving-in and Moving-out

Can I sign-up online without having to visit the facility? (Mostly for call-centre)

Yes. Our staff will send all relevant documents via email for your reference in an effort to minimise face-time. You will be referred to the relevant facility staff to guide you on the process thereafter.  

Am I able to move-in/out during this Circuit Breaker period?

Yes, you may move-in/out during this period.

Measures taken to curb the spread of COVID-19

How often are the facilities disinfected?

Routine cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch areas are scheduled to take place 4 times a day.   

Is there a limit to the number of pax allowed in the reception office?

Only a specified number of people (including staff) are allowed in the reception office at any given time.  

BKR: 8 

ELK: 6 

KWY: 4 

MMR: 5 

AMK: 3 

Am I required to wear a mask when I’m in the facility?

In accordance to measures implemented by the government, you are required to wear a mask at all times. 

Will my temperature be taken before I’m allowed to enter the reception office?

Yes, temperature of all visitors to the reception office will be taken. All visitors are to fill out the contract tracing form upon arrival. We reserve the right to turn away customers who are unwell or those who have a temperature reading above 37.5°C.

Relief Package for Customers

How much can I expect to receive? / How is the rebate amount derived at?

The full sum of tax rebates are passed down to all customers as mandated by the government. All rebates are disbursed as an equal percentage to all customers.

When and how will I receive my rebate?

A credit of X% will be applied to your rental in May. 

The rebate offered does not help much with my business. In addition to the rebate, can I request for my rent to be waived off for 1 month?

We deeply regret to inform you that apart from the rebates being passed down to customers, no rent payments will be waived.  

I understand that any eligible rebates will be factored into my invoice after any prepaid periods. I have prepaid till the end of May and will be terminating my account right after. How will Extra Space reimburse the rebate that I’m rightfully eligible for?

Your rebates will be refunded together with your security deposit when you move-out.  

I have a bigger unit than my friend who is storing at the same facility as me. Why are we both receiving the same rebate? Can I request for a higher rebate since I own a bigger storage space?

Rebates are proportioned equally as a percentage. This also means that if you own a bigger unit and are paying a higher rent in comparison to your friend, the absolute amount you would receive will be higher than that of your friend’s. 


   Your Unit  Your Friend’s Unit 
Monthly Rent  $1500  $500 
Rebate Percentage  20%  20% 
Rebate Absolute Sum  $300  $100 

I am a storer with Extra Space IMM (not-owned) & Boon Keng (owned) facility. I have received an email notifying me about my rent reduction for my unit at ES BKR. I have been notified that I won’t be receiving any rent rebates for my unit at ES IMM. Why is this so?

Only buildings that are owned by Extra Space (BKR, ELK, KWY, MMR & AMK) qualify for the property tax rebates granted by IRAS. The full amount of tax rebates will be passed down to all customers in due course, as mandated by the government. Unfortunately, for leased properties (TPY, IMM, WDL, TGR & WCT), Extra Space will not be receiving any property tax rebates from IRAS, thus we are not able to give back to our customers from these facilities. 

Rent Payment Deferment

Will my payment be automatically deferred if I lapse payment during this period?

Unfortunately, your payment will not be automatically deferred during this period. 

My business is greatly affected by Covid-19. Can Extra Space defer my rent payment?

To help you through these trying times, the company would advise you to downsize your unit or to terminate your unit during this period, and re-sign a new contract with Extra Space once the situation improves. 

I would still require storage space during this period and am not keen to terminate/downsize. Will Extra Space consider deferring my rent payment for 6 months?

You will be required to provide us with supporting documents showing your loss of income due to Covid-19. Your payment will be deferred for a maximum of 1 month, subject to approval by the management.  

You will be notified of your approval status within 5 working days. 

The new legislation passed prevents the landlord from terminating a contract if a tenant lapses payment and allows rent payments to be deferred for at least 6 months. As such, why can’t my rent be deferred?

We will bring this matter up to the management and will revert in due course. 

How can I apply for my rent payment to be deferred?

Please contact [facility] at least 7 working days in advance of your payment due date. 

Will I be required to pay the full deferred amount after the deferment period?

Yes, the total deferred amount will be factored into the invoice following the deferment period.  

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