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Why You Should Store Your Belongings at a Self-Storage Company with Loyalty Program

Are you in need of a self-storage solution that goes above and beyond just storing your items Consider choosing a self-storage facility that offers a loyalty program Here are some reasons why: Earn Rewards for Your Loyalty With a loyalty program, you can earn points for every dollar you...
August 21, 2023
Business Storage, Personal Storage, Wine Storage

Avoid these mistakes for your self-storage

August 14, 2023
Renting a self-storage space is an easy and affordable way to clear the clutter while still keeping the belongings in your home and office   However, before renting a self-storage space,...

Tips and Tricks to Reclaim Your Wardrobe Space

August 07, 2023
Is your closet overflowing with clothes, shoes, and accessories Or do you find it difficult to locate items in your wardrobe due to the clutter If yes, it’s time to reclaim your...
Personal Storage

Preserving, Storing and Protecting Your Priceless Marvel Collection in Storage

July 26, 2023
Image Credits: ComicBookcom Marvel collectibles have become cherished items for fans worldwide From action figures to comic books, these items hold significant value, both sentimentally and monetarily To ensure the longevity of...
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Luggage storage in Singapore self-storage facility

July 20, 2023
Are you looking for a safe and reliable storage space for your luggage and other items If so, why not consider luggage storage in self-storage facilities like...
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Extra Space Asia Self Storage – Your long and short-term self-storage provider in Singapore

July 06, 2023
At Extra Space Asia Self Storage, we understand different customers have different storage requirements and needs to consider before renting their first storage unit Why choose Extra Space Asia Self Storage as your first...
Business Storage

Business Storage Tip: Choosing the Right Self-Storage Facility for Your e-Commerce Business

June 26, 2023
Are you starting or expanding your e-commerce business As you navigate the initial phase and plan for growth, it’s essential to have an effective inventory...
Personal Storage

Maximising Your Space at Home with Extra Space Asia

June 16, 2023
At Extra Space Asia, we understand the challenges of living in a small space With skyrocketing real estate prices and shrinking apartments in a land-scarce...

Effective Tips for Decluttering on a Budget

June 09, 2023
In today’s fast-paced world, clutter can easily accumulate in our homes, leading to stress and disorganisation However, decluttering doesn’t have to break the bank With some strategic planning and the use of...

Get your home ready before the baby arrives

May 29, 2023
Nine months might seem like a long time, especially when you are expecting a new life During this period, we understand that it can be stressful as you deal...
Storage Tips

Storage Tips: Preparing Your Bicycle for Long-Term Storage

May 16, 2023
Image Credit: Bike Radar Prolonged periods of not using your bicycle can lead to certain parts showing signs of rust or even degradation As such, before you store your bicycle, it is advisable to take the time to prepare it for...

Renting a self-storage space for major life events

May 08, 2023
When most of us think of renting a self-storage, the first thing that comes to mind is its benefit of removing the clutter around the house The truth is, there are so many other ways we can...
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Why Extra Space Asia is the Ideal Self-Storage Provider for You

April 26, 2023
Do you need additional storage space for your belongings Whether you’re moving, decluttering, managing your business inventory, or just need some extra space, Extra Space Asia is the...

Storage Tips for Sharing a Closet with Your Partner

April 17, 2023
Image Credit: SquareRooms It is hard enough to create space in your closet, let alone share one with your significant other After all, sharing your closet means squeezing two wardrobes worth of clothes into one In fact, it can...

Preparing Your Home for Raya!

April 14, 2023
With Raya fast approaching, it’s important to start preparing your home for the festive season Here are three tips to help you get your house ready for the...

Collection vs Clutter: How to tell the difference and what to do next?

April 03, 2023
Image Credits: invaluable Have you ever collected things or taken in items from friends and family thinking that they might be worth something one day Well,...

Enjoy Extra Space at Home in 3 Simple Steps

March 27, 2023
Our belongings are expanding while our homes are getting smaller and smaller Living spaces in Singapore are fast becoming a luxury that fewer can afford It is, therefore, important to think out of the box in these trying times to...

Why proper storage is important for crystals and healing stones

March 13, 2023
Image Credits: Vulcan Post From rose-quartz and amethyst to moonstone and obsidian, the trend of buying and selling crystal and healing stones has picked up over the past two years during...
Storage Tips

3 Bicycle storage ideas to try

March 06, 2023
Riding a bicycle is a sport that is fun, healthy, and can be done solo or in a team Here is a fun fact: Cycling can also help to protect someone from serious illnesses, including stroke,...
Storage Tips

Tips on keeping your storage space clean

February 27, 2023
Renting a self-storage unit is an incredible option for individuals, families, and businesses who need additional space to store their belongings Many Singaporeans will need more storage...
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Answering the most asked questions about self-storage

February 13, 2023
Self-storage is a wonderful invention that has provided many around the world with extra space in their living area and working environments As useful as self-storage can be, it is natural...
Moving Tips, Personal Storage

Self-Storage Tips: How to store furniture in your Extra Space storage unit

February 03, 2023
Renting a self-storage unit can be a great storage solution if you are planning to relocate, renovate, or even downsize your home One common item that most people store in their storage...

Self-Storage Solutions for the Minimalist

January 25, 2023
In recent years, the idea of living a minimalist life has become a popular concept People look at their lives and around the home, trying to declutter and make everything tidy Chances are,...

3 ways to prepare your home to welcome the Lunar Chinese New Year

January 11, 2023
With Chinese New Year 2023 right around the corner in January, it is the time of the year again to start your spring cleaning routine! Here are three quick ways to prepare your home for the year ahead Out with the old, in with...
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Extra Space Asia Awarded Singapore’s Favourite Self-Storage Brand by Superbrands for the 5th Year Running

December 30, 2022
From Left to Right: Gary Phua (Senior Marketing Executive), Faisal Kamaludin (Marketing Director), Michelle Lee (Assistant Marketing Manager), Kenneth Worsdale...

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