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3 Hacks For Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning

With Chinese New Year right around the corner, most people are planning to start their spring cleaning activities to welcome the lunar New Year If you still have not started your CNY spring cleaning, here are three spring cleaning hacks to speed up the cleaning process Create a cleaning...
January 24, 2022
Business Tips

Business Tips 101: 3 Smart ways to store business inventory at home

January 06, 2022
Running a business from your home We understand that it can be tough when your workspace is also your living space It will be more challenging if you have a limited space to work with too...
Business Storage

5 signs it’s time to upgrade to an office space

December 23, 2021
A home office is an office space at home to run official business functions Start-ups and entrepreneurs commonly use home offices as their very first office to lower the cost of operation...

Helping Your Elderly Parents Declutter Their Home

December 09, 2021
Image Credit: The Straits Times Have you noticed that clutter building up in your parents’ home Throughout our life, we tend to collect items that might hold sentimental value to us Over time, that collection might grow too...
Moving Tips

Moving Tips 101: 5 smart tips for a faster and less stressful move

November 30, 2021
The entire moving process can take a toll on everyone, even the best planners However, to make life a tad bit easier, there are some smart moving tips that you...

Starting a business of selling handmade crafts

November 12, 2021
Image Credit: Straits Times With the recent lockdown, more and more people are learning how to make handmade products to sell online However, did you know that...
Business Storage, Personal Storage, Wine Storage

Key benefits of easy loading bay access within your self-storage facility

October 25, 2021
Loading bays are a highly convenient amenity for self-storage facilities They enable you to load and unload your belongings while staying sheltered from the sun and weather For this reason, most self-storage facilities should...
Moving Tips

Moving Tips 101: How to choose a self-storage during the moving or renovation period.

October 12, 2021
Many will ask why we need to store our items and furniture in a self-storage facility during the moving or renovation transition period A self-storage unit can be a lifesaver, especially during these stressful transition periods,...

3 things you can do to make WFH more joyful

September 20, 2021
Miss having a casual chit chat with your coworkers in the office We totally get that feeling! However, with the ongoing COVID situation, working from home will...
Moving Tips

Moving Tips 101: How to prep, pack and protect your furniture

September 03, 2021
Packing and protecting your furniture is definitely a step not to be missed Before the move, it is important to ensure that everything is packed well This...
Moving Tips

Moving Tips 101: How to choose a moving company you can trust

August 19, 2021
Planning to relocate or move to another location for your business or residential needs If you are new to the idea of moving, here are some moving tips on how to choose a moving company you can trust in Singapore so that your...

5 Online Platforms to Sell Your Handmade Products

August 06, 2021
Picked up a new crafting hobby during the circuit breaker and thinking of starting a small business by selling your handmade products Well, you’re not alone! There are many out there who are doing the same thing While there are...
Personal Storage

Perks of self-storage during your home renovation

June 24, 2021
Planning for a renovation to spruce up your home We understand that it can be both exciting and stressful During the home renovation process, you’ll be...
Business Storage, Personal Storage

Types of self-storage for all your storage needs

April 26, 2021
Let’s face it, if you’re thinking about renting a self-storage space, it can be difficult to decide what type of storage unit best suits your needs After all, there’s a wide range of...
Personal Storage

Singapore Box Storage Options

April 01, 2021
With so many self-storage providers in Singapore, it can be quite hard to find one storage provider that fits all your storage needs If you are looking for some storage ideas on how you can...
Personal Storage

Extra Space Asia: Affordable furniture storage solution in Singapore

March 18, 2021
Planning for an upcoming home renovation project Downsizing Moving abroad due to work or personal reasons Besides personal and family belongings, some of us might even have some furniture sets that we’d like to store as a...

Top 3 Display Cabinets for Your Gunpla Collection

March 01, 2021
Image Credit: The Collection Corner Purchasing and assembling your gunpla is easy Posing it is made simpler with our guide on ‘How to Perfect that Kickass...

3 smart ways to organise your kid’s room

February 03, 2021
When you have children at home, expect toys, books and knick-knacks scattered all over the floor We know this mess can be frustrating to look at But it does...
Personal Storage

Extra Space Asia: Singapore’s Number 1 Self-Storage Brand for Four Consecutive Years

January 30, 2021
Living in a country of space limitations increases the need for self-storage solutions This is especially true when you are moving homes, have plans to expand your business, or when your personal collection is growing! With so...

3 simple ways to keep your home clean and organised in the New Year

January 06, 2021
New Year, new me That’s what many of us say on the first day of a brand new year But instead of just a ‘new me’, why not include changing up your home situation for the better too With many of us still working from home,...
Business Storage, Personal Storage

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Self-Storage Unit

December 23, 2020
You’ve signed up for a storage space and are waiting eagerly to move in your clutter But on your first day at your storage unit, you realised a big problem...

3 Simple Steps to getting your home Christmas-ready!

December 10, 2020
As we approach the holiday season, many of us would be busy preparing our home for the festivities Despite the ongoing safe distancing measures, we can still find ways to bask in the joy of...

3 ways to create the perfect home office

November 23, 2020
A home office is typically an area at home dedicated for official business purposes This space can be anywhere within your home depending on your personal preferences With the increasing...
Business Storage, Personal Storage, Wine Storage

Common myths about renting a self-storage space

November 09, 2020
Self-storage has been around in Asia for almost 20 years, and yet, there are still many misconceptions about it One of the few myths is that people only rent...
Wine Storage

Simple Food and Wine Pairing Guide

October 27, 2020
Love food and wine Time to learn more about wine pairing basics so that you can enjoy them more or even create your own pairings over time Here’s a simple food and wine pairing guide to try! 1      Understanding the...

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