1. Storer will be solely responsible for securing of the Unit in a manner which is acceptable to the Facility Owner (FO), including but not limited to ensuring it is locked so as to be secure from unauthorized entry at all times when the Storer is not in the Unit. FO will not be responsible for securing any unlocked Unit and shall not be liable for any damage or loss that is attributable to the fault or negligence of the Storer in securing an unlocked Unit. Where applicable, the Storer will secure the external gates and/or doors of the Facility.
  2. Storer must not store (or allow any other person to store) in the Unit any of the goods listed below
    1. Food or perishable goods irrespective of how such are packaged;
    2. Plants and any living creatures;
    3. Any explosive, combustible or flammable substances including but not limited to gas, paint, petrol, oil, cleaning solvents or compressed gases, batteries, and personal mobility devices (PMD);
    4. Firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition;
    5. Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos or other potentially hazardous substances;
    6. Any item that emits fumes, or odours;
    7. Any illegal item or substances or goods illegally obtained including illicit (counterfeit / smuggled) tobacco or alcohol and unlicensed or unsafe goods (such as toys, electrical goods, medicines, cosmetics, fireworks);
    8. Goods which are environmentally harmful or that are a risk to the property of any person;
    9. Goods which are contaminated with food or any other substance which may deteriorate, rot, become mouldy or attract vermin;
    10. Currency or bullion (in either case whether cash, bank notes, coins, currency notes or currency of any kind), deeds or securities;
    11. Stamps, vouchers, tokens and/or tickets of any kind, credit and/or debit and/or cash dispenser cards of any kind, cheques (including crossed cheques), negotiable securities and any other documents negotiable as or equivalent to cash or any non-negotiable securities (such as crossed cheque);
    12. Watches, Jewellery (other than costume jewellery), precious stones, gems or metals or items made or containing such interests; and
    13. Furs, items of fine art, or items which are antique or unique in nature and/or where the value to the Storer cannot be assessed on a financial basis.
  3. Storer will use the Unit solely for the purpose of storage and shall not allow any other person to):
    1. Use the Unit as offices or living accommodation or use the Unit or the Facility as a home, business or mailing address;
    2. Use or do anything at the Facility or in the Unit which may be a nuisance to FO or any other person (including the escape of any substance or odour from or generation of noise or vibration which may be heard or felt outside the Unit);
    3. Use or do anything at the Facility or in the Unit which may invalidate or increase premiums under any insurance policies of FO or any other person;
    4. Paint or make alterations to or attach anything to the internal or external surfaces of the Unit or the Facility;
    5. Connect or provide any utilities or services to the Unit unless authorised in writing by FO;
    6. Cause damage to the Unit or any part of the Facility (which includes by removal, haulage or delivery contractors); or
    7. Create any obstruction or leave items or refuse in any common areas within the Facility.
  4. Storer must not damage the Unit and ensure it remains clean. In the event of uncleanliness or damage to the Unit or Facility, FO will be entitled to retain the Deposit, charge a Cleaning Fee, and/or claim full reimbursement from the Storer for the reasonable costs of repairs, replacement, restoration, proper compensation or disposal of the refuse.
  5. Any items left unattended in common areas or outside the Storer’s Unit at any time shall be treated as abandoned and may at FO’s discretion be moved, sold or disposed of immediately with no liability to FO. If an unattended item is identified as abandoned by the Storer, FO reserves the rights to charge the Storer a fee to cover the costs for removal and disposal of the item and to deduct the fee from the Storer’s Deposit.
  6. Storer must (and ensure that Storer’s Agents) use reasonable care on site and have respect for the Facility and other unit users, inform FO of any damage or defect immediately after it is discovered and comply with the reasonable directions of FO’s employees, agents and contractors and any other regulations or policies for the use, safety and security of the Facility as FO shall issue periodically.
  7. This Agreement does not confer on the Storer any right to exclusive possession of the Unit and FO reserves the right to relocate the Storer to another Unit not smaller than the current Unit by giving up to 14 days’ notice during which the Storer can elect to terminate this Agreement.

    If Storer does not arrange removal by the date specified in FO’s notice, then Storer authorises FO and its agents to enter the Unit acting as Storer’s agents and at Storer’s risk (except for damage caused wilfully or negligently) remove the Goods. Following removal, this Agreement will be varied by substitution of the new Unit number but otherwise continues in full force and effect at the rate in force for the original Unit at the time of the removal.

  8. Storer must ensure that the Unit is suitable for the storage of the goods intended to be stored in it (including but not limited to any need for climate control, air conditioning or unique measurement requirements) and Storer is advised to inspect the Unit before storing Goods and periodically during the Storage Period. Unless otherwise stated herein, FO makes no warranty or representation that any unit is suitable for any particular goods and accepts no liability in this regard.
  9. It is Storer’s responsibility to provide FO with true, accurate and complete contact information, and to maintain and update promptly any changes to this information. Storer understands and agrees that if FO sends any communication but Storer does not receive it because Storer’s contact details on file are incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date, FO will still be deemed to have provided such communication to Storer.
  10. Storer agrees to indemnify FO, and keep FO indemnified, from all claims, liabilities, demands, damages, costs and expenses (including any reasonably incurred legal and professional fees) incurred by FO resulting from or incidental to (a) the use of the Unit and/or the Facility (including but not limited to the ownership or storage of goods in the Unit, the goods themselves and/or accessing the Facility) or (b) breach of this Agreement by the Storer or any of Storer’s Agents or (c) enforcement of the terms of this Agreement.
  11. Storer acknowledges and agrees to comply with all relevant laws and regulations as are or may be applicable to the use of the Unit. This includes laws relating to the goods and the manner in which it is stored, or the use of the Unit or the Facility. Liability for any and all breach of such laws rests absolutely with Storer, and includes any and all costs resulting from such a breach.
  12. Without prejudice to any other remedies as may become available to it, if FO has reason to believe that Storer is not complying with all relevant laws, FO may take any action that FO considers necessary, including but not limited to the action outlined in Clauses 16 and 41, contacting, cooperating with and/or submitting goods to the relevant authorities, and/or immediately disposing of or removing the Goods at Storer’s expense. Storer agrees that FO may take such action at any time even though FO could have acted earlier.

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